One Brew - FAQs

What's the Difference Between a One Brew and a Cafetiere?

Unlike a cafetiere, the One Brew doesn't require a plunger. The filter is built into the lid. The main difference between this method of brewing and a coffee press is the gravity element. With the One Brew, you have a longer brew time (6 - 7 minutes depending on taste). Basically, you let gravity do it's thing to extract all of the raw tasting notes from your ground coffee. Once the coffee has settled to the bottom of the glass beaker, you can pour - slowly! Aim to keep the ground at the bottom of the beaker whilst you pour for the purest cup of coffee possible.

What Type of Coffee does the One Brew make?

On our Brew Guide Scale, we'd say the One Brew makes a medium strength coffee with a cleaner taste and texture than your standard cafetiere.

What Grind Size do I need for my One Brew?

We like to use a medium-coarse grind when we brew with a One Brew or a cafetiere, usually verging closer to the coarser end of the spectrum. However, coffee is a personal experience and we'd always suggest trying different grind sizes to see what different styles you can create. Get your hands on an electric coffee grinder to try it out for yourself. Remember, the finer you grind your coffee beans the less time you'll need to brew for.