Core All Grind Plus

Preorder your Core All Grind Plus today to get it two weeks before general release. Plus, for a limited time only, we're also giving you a free kg of coffee worth up to £31.99!


For less mess and lower grind retention, the upgraded bellow lid is a game changer.

50 Grind Settings

From espresso to cold brew and everything in between, upgrade your coffee ritual.

Limited Edition Offer

Preorder now to get yours 2 weeks before general release and a free kilo of coffee.









The Core All Grind Plus has landed.


Two Years in Development led us here

New Bellow Lid

Created to stop the mess on your counter and reduce grind retention.

2 year guarantee

You'll get a 2 year guarantee from the date of dispatch when you preorder.

50 Grind Settings

Grind your coffee fresh for espresso, cold brew and everything in between.

carbon hardened burrs

Bigger, better stainless steel conical burrs for better grind consistency.

Ultra Slimline design

At just 11cm wide and 37cm tall, the Core All Grind Plus fits in any kitchen.

Free Dosing Cup

Get a 53mm & 58mm portafilter cradle included, as well as a dosing cup.

A Grind for all Coffee Makers

With 50 settings you can choose to grind for espresso, moka pot, filter, cafetiere and even cold brew. If you want to change up your brewing method just turn the dial. You also have the option to use with the included portafilter attachments.

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Quick & Quiet

The long life carbon hardened 40 mm stainless steel conical burrs will grind enough coffee for two in less than 15 seconds. Doing all this at 70 decibels which means you won’t wake up the house. The burrs are easy to remove for cleaning and simple to replace.

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Compact & Long Lasting

The powerful 350 RPM DC motor has been engineered to fit into a small footprint to maximise your countertop space and comes with a 2 year guarantee as standard. The standard hopper has a capacity of 350g.

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Simple & Sustainable

The cup settings work on increments of 0.1 seconds and you can set various settings based on the amount of coffee you would like to grind or the method that you are using. After 3 minutes of inactivity, the grinder will automatically go into eco mode.

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Less Mess and More Coffee

The anti-static technology means there is less mess when using the grinder. This is combined with a professional standard bellow lid which reduces retention and ensures you grind all the coffee you put in. Simply press down the bellow to push the left over coffee through the burrs.

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Get the Right Dose

A 58mm dosing cup and lid are included so if your portafilter is not compatible with the 53mm or 58mm portafilter attachments, there is a solution. It can also be used to store any left-over fresh grounds.

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