Seasonal Roast FAQs

Can I use filter ground coffee in a cafetiere?

It is now recommended to use a finer grind size of coffee in your cafetiere to optimise the taste of the brew. Our filter ground coffee is the perfect size for use with a cafetiere and the metal filter is still fine enough to separate the sediment from the final cup, whilst delivering a full bodied, strong brew. The smaller size of the coffee grinds elevates the flavours of the coffee as more water is in contact overall. It is recommended to slightly reduce the brewing time to approximately 4 minutes when using a finer grind.


What is the best coffee to use for a cafetiere?

Whilst it’s unlikely that everyone will share the same preference on the best coffee, our seasonal roast is always one of our most popular. Changing frequently, depending on the best quality crop at the time, the seasonal guest is guaranteed to be of a high grade and always single origin. Our seasonal guest coffee can originate from all over the world, from Ethiopia and Guatemala to Brazil and Vietnam. This roast comes in the option to buy as whole bean coffee or as filter ground, as with all of our other coffee.