3 Different Ways to Make Coffee This UK Coffee Week 2019

UK Coffee Week is back this year between 26th of April and the 5th of May 2019. The national event’s core purpose is to raise money for clean water and valuable education to coffee-growing communities across the globe. It’s the UK’s largest celebration of coffee and encourages coffee brands across the nation to get involved with coffee brewing events online and offline. 

Here at Barista & Co, we’re passionate about making speciality coffee accessible to all by developing professional tools for home baristas. Here we have put together three different ways that enthusiastic home brewers can celebrate UK Coffee Week this April!

1. French Press

This popular professional coffee making tool is also known as a cafetière or coffee press. Using a French press that is of professional standard creates a bold, earthy and rich cup of coffee. French press’ are amongst the most popular coffee accessories because they are easy to use and produce high-quality homemade coffee. 


Add hot water into your French press, to warm the beaker. After a couple of minutes pour the water out and add 8 heaped teaspoons of coarsely ground coffee. Add a small amount of water allowing the coffee to bloom for 30 seconds and then add the rest of the hot water. Insert the plunger into the coffee press and allow the coffee to stand for 3-4 minutes before plunging slowly. Now simply pour into your favourite mug, adding milk and sugar to taste.

Barista & Co tip: To get the perfect coffee with a French press, aim for 60g of coffee to 1L of water. Head over to our brewing guide for more information.

2. Brew it Stick

The Brew It Stick was created here at Barista and Co as the perfect solution for coffee making on the go.  It’s a coffee infuser that allows everyone to make premium coffee at home quickly with no mess. We tested hundreds of filters in search of a solution that balances steeping, flavour and time. We’ve crafted a 360° filter basket that creates a delicious, light coffee.


Fill the basket 2/3 full with coffee and then slowly pour hot water through the filter and submerge. Stir and twist the Brew It Stick for 20 seconds to ensure all grounds are wet and the coffee is agitated to increase the strength. Simply allow the coffee grounds to infuse for a minimum of 4 minutes. It can be left longer if you prefer a stronger taste. Remove the infuser from the mug and enjoy!

Barista & Co tip: To make the perfect coffee with Brew It Stick we recommend medium-course, freshly ground coffee. Take a look at our step by step guide.

3. Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Our pour over coffee maker is for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy the authentic pour over technique.  However, the traditional technique can be hard to control and messy. At Barista & Co we have created BrewThru, a coffee dripper that provides home brewers with complete control.


Insert steel or paper filter into the glass and add 15g of finely ground coffee. Add in 250ml of hot water (leave to stand for 2 minutes once boiled) and stir the coffee. Brew for a minimum of 4 minutes, depending on the desired strength.  Easily release the coffee into a pre-heated mug. Read more about the benefits of our guide.

If you’d like to make speciality coffee with a French press, Brew It Stick coffee infuser or BrewThru pour over coffee maker, shop the collection. At Barista & Co we create high-quality coffee accessories that make great gifts for coffee lovers. Get in touch with us on 01202 619 500 or at hello@baristaandco.com.

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