Barista & Co's BIG Fathers Day Gift Guide



Notoriously the hardest person in the family to buy for.  


What on earth do you get a man whose life consists solely of beer, rubbish jokes and arm-wrestling matches?!  


We can think of one thing.  




Who doesn’t love coffee?! It gives you that energy boost when you feel dreary. It can have health benefits. It is a great excuse to have a social with your friends. It can increase your metabolism.  


It just tastes good.  


Need we say more?! 


gift guide for dads who love coffee

At Barista & Co, we create specialty coffee and hardware to ensure everyone can achieve their perfect brew at home, work, and play. Our range of innovative, stylish coffee makers have been designed to suit varying brewing preferences and coffee styles.  


In this guide, we have put together a few of our favourite coffee makers and accessories to help you find the perfect gift for your Dad (or father figure) in 2022.  


1. The Strong Brew

The Strong Brew. The most compact coffee maker Barista & Co create. With just one twist, the coffee maker creates an outstanding, short, black coffee (with 60% more caffeine than an espresso).   


This coffee maker is for those Dads who love adventures and travelling – perhaps they are always on their new bike (their ‘pride and joy’ as they call it) or climbing up the next mountain. The Strong Brew is entirely portable, even designed with a storage compartment to keep the ground coffee in.  


Coffee maker for dads

Simply chuck it in the backpack and your off. Who said good coffee can’t be enjoyed whilst abseiling down a cliff?! 


Learn more about the Strong Brew coffee maker here.

2. The One Brew 

Is your Dad attached to his desk in his garden office? Does he absorb coffee as quickly as a paper towel when he’s in work mode?! 


If the answer if yes, then he’ll love our One Brew.  


Inspired by the professional specialty coffee technique of allowing gravity to move the coffee to the bottom of the immersion brewer, the One Brew is a great addition to any desk. Other than looking the part, the coffee maker requires little effort and makes a textured, full bodied, fresh coffee in 6 minutes. 


Oh what’s that, your Dad like to enjoy a cup of tea as well?!  


Don’t worry, the One Brew is a 4 in 1 Coffee and Tea Maker.  


Get the best out of both brews and give your Dad the gift he deserves this Father’s Day with our One Brew coffee maker.  


Learn more about the Barista & Co One Brew here.


coffee scoop spoons with ground beans

3. The Brew It Stick  

For those Dads who don’t like their coffee too strong and love convenience, our award-winning Brew It Stick is the ultimate entry level coffee maker for him.  


A brewer that has been specifically designed to help people ditch the instant coffee and use a product that maintains the same ease but produces the taste of fresh coffee. Available in 2 colours, there’s bound to be one that matches his favourite mug. 


Don’t mess around. For £14.99, you can’t go wrong! 

4. The Core All Grind Plus

Maybe your Dad is the type of man who loves his gadgets. The type of man who can spend hours in his man cave fiddling with his latest toy after watching days and days of YouTube tutorials and reviews.  


If this sounds like your old man, award-winning Core All Grind will be right up his street.  


The stainless-steel burr grinder has 40 settings, meaning a consistent grind with just the push of a button. From whole bean to your perfect grind, there really is nothing better than a fresh brew at home.  


Learn more about our electric coffee grinder here.

5. The Corral Pour Over 

Could your Dad be converted to a more hands-on approach with our range of pour over coffee makers? 

 pour over coffee maker for dad on fathers day

Taking full control of the brewing time and temperature, he can make his beverage just the way he likes it. 


At just £12.74, the Corral Pour Over is the perfect addition to any coffee-lover’s kitchen. It’s great for those lazy Sunday’s when you have the time to really appreciate a well-made brew.  


Click here to learn how to make pour over coffee at home.


Treat him to luxury this Father’s Day. The reward is in the coffee.  

6. The Core Coffee Press 

The Core Coffee Press. If we’re being honest, this will likely be a gift for Mum, as well as your Dad. Try keeping her away from it – there’s no chance! 


Taking the traditional brewing method of a cafetiere, Barista & Co have levelled up the French Press game with our 100% plastic free, stylish coffee press.  


Available in 2 sizes, the Core Coffee Press is perfect for those slow mornings in bed or socialising at the coffee table with mates.  


It’s a modern classic for a reason. Buy our Core Coffee Press here!

7. Cappuccino Cocoa Stencil  

Not quite a coffee maker but a great addition to any coffee-loving Dad’s collection; the Cocoa Stencil. Or trio of stainless steel chocolate stencils to be exact 👀

 set of 3 cocoa stencils

Whether it’s used to communicate messages or just look pretty, the cocoa powder on the top of a cappuccino should not be neglected. Imagine going to all that trouble to brew the perfect coffee, froth the perfect milk and then ruining it with a messy sprinkle of chocolate!? 


We’ve got you.  


Gift the perfect tool to your Dad with our range of stencils. From ‘Ride Bikes’ and ‘Wake Up’ to ‘And Relax’, we’re confident you’ll find the right message for him.  


After all, who wants to drink an ugly looking beverage?! 


Whilst the list could go on and on with our measuring spoons, glass coffee mugs and Nespresso pod cages, we’ve got coffee going cold and products waiting to be packaged!  


Share your Dad’s reaction to his newest coffee tool with us – tag us in your photos on Instagram @baristacouk 


Coffee is best when shared! 



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