How to Make Coffee on an Induction Stove

While stovetop coffee makers aren't part of our own range, we do love a coffee fresh from a Moka Express. Bialetti are the masters of stovetop coffee makers... 98% of Italian homes own a stovetop coffee pot (and 93% of those are made by Bialetti). But one of the questions that keep cropping up is how do you make coffee on an induction stove with a Moka Express?  


So many people have induction stoves now. It's causing quite a stir in the stovetop coffee maker game. Previously, we all just reached out and grabbed our Bialetti Moka Pot... You know the ones. You put freshly ground coffee in the filter, fill the base with cold water and then put the bits back together and stick it on your hob.   

What Is an Induction Stove? 

I'm assuming you know what I mean when I say induction stove, hence why you found this article. Just in case you didn't, an induction stove is a type of electric hob that uses electromagnets instead of a metal coil. The electromagnets heat the coffee pot or saucepan directly, unlike a traditional electric stovetop which just heats the surface of your hob. 


induction hob

They're much more environmentally-friendly so give yourself a pat on the back if you've got one. A lot of new builds are having induction stoves put in now due to the environmental benefits. They're expected to be in 70% of all UK homes within the next 10 years... 


But there is a slight problem for stovetop coffee lovers. Your Moka Express has a unique octagonal base but induction stove's only connect with circular bases. They're designed to turn on the electromagnetic heating element when connected to your pots and pans, not your octagonal coffee maker. 


So how are you supposed to make coffee with your stovetop Moka pot if you're using an induction stove? There's actually three things you can do: 


  1. Get your hands on an induction plate to continue using your Bialetti Moka Express 
  2. Switch to an induction-friendly stovetop coffee maker 
  3. Try a new manual coffee maker 

Induction Plates for Stovetop Coffee Makers 

When induction stoves came out, it didn't take us long to figure out that our beloved coffee makers wouldn't work. The octagonal base just wouldn't connect and nothing we could do would give us heat! 


But we adore our stovetop coffee maker. Surely we don't have to recycle it just because we've got a new cooker!? Bialetti heard our cries and came up with a brilliantly clever solution – the induction plate. 


The stovetop coffee pot induction plate is a genius tool for all your kitchen gadgets. Essentially, it's a circular plate designed specifically to make the connection required to turn on your induction hob. When the connection is made, the electromagnetic power in your induction hob starts to do its thing and heats the plate directly. 


This works just like a traditional electric hob. All you have to do is place your coffee maker onto your induction plate and wait for that gorgeous moka sound. If you love your Italian style espresso coffee from your traditional Moka Express, this Bialetti creation is an essential! 


They also offer 2 different sizes (amazing). So if you've got a smaller stovetop coffee maker, anything from a 1-cup to a 4-cup Moka Express you can get the smaller size. I'd recommend the larger induction plate if you're using anything larger than a 6-cup Moka Express. 


It's worth noting that these induction-safe plates aren’t just for the Moka Express range. You can use your hob adaptor for a Brikka, Mini Express or Bialetti Break. Basically, any stovetop coffee maker that doesn’t have a stainless steel circular base. 

Switch to an Induction-Friendly Stovetop Coffee Maker 

While many of us are traditional, we can’t ignore the fact that more and more people are having induction stoves fitted in their homes.  


Bialetti have developed a range of induction-friendly stovetop coffee makers for you to use and enjoy. All of these coffee pots are made with a stainless steel, circular base and come in a range of sizes and colours. 


induction stovetop coffee makers

The Moka Induction uses the exact same technology as the Bialetti Moka Express. The only difference is the base – they've switched it to a stainless steel circular base so that it works perfectly on induction stoves. You just fill the base with cold water, add a heaped teaspoon of your favourite coffee (which is obviously ours) and put it on your stovetop. 


My personal favourite is the Bialetti Venus. It looks absolutely nothing like the traditional Moka Express, so some people might not be as blown away with it as I am. But I love it because it looks sleek, stylish and shows that a 100-year-old brand still has a trick or two up their sleeves. I promise you they're not even paying me to write this. 

pouring italian coffee from induction stovetop pot

Try a New Manual Coffee Maker 

We all have a preference when it comes to coffee. It's an extension of our personality. Light roast. Dark roast. Strong. Velvety. With or without milk. The list is endless... And we all know someone who goes crazy for an iced latte. 


That's one of the reasons we're so passionate about a good cup of coffee. Every mug is different and that's exactly how it should be. Now, obviously the beans are important. Personally I like a single origin Colombian coffee to wake me up in the mornings. But I know people who drink blends or like something a bit more acidic and light roasted. 


But what if I told you the beans themselves aren't very important when it comes to that final cup of  coffee you've got in your hands.  


I can tell you're shook. Even through a screen. Let me explain. 


modern coffee press with no plastic

Each coffee maker offers a different style of brewing. There's immersion brewing, which is when you extract the flavours from ground coffee by leaving it immersed in water. Espresso style or pressurised brewing involves squeezing the flavours out of ground coffee with a lot of pressure. Both these brew techniques create a different cup of coffee, even if you use the same beans. 


So think about your style. Do you like your coffee strong? We'd recommend a pressured brewer like the Twist Press coffee maker. It works by vacuum sealing finely ground coffee and hot water inside a helix chamber. The twisting motion adds the pressure, forcing the water through the ground coffee and the filter and leaving you with a short, black, strong coffee.  


On the other hand you might prefer something a little more delicate, maybe even rich and velvety? That's easy – you need a classic coffee press. Coffee presses are immersion brewers, which make them really easy to use. Just scoop your ground coffee into the glass beaker, add the water and leave to sit for up to 7 minutes. The trick is to pour slowly.  


But how do you know which coffee maker is for you? And more importantly, how do you know which one is worth giving up your stovetop moka pot for? 

The Coffee Maker Quiz 

If you're not sure what style of brewer you should be using to make your perfect brew, take the coffee maker quiz today. Don't be embarrassed – 51% of people are using the wrong brewer according to our independent study! The quiz will take 2 minutes and will tell you what style of coffee maker you need to make your favourite brew at work, at home or on the go. 


Find Your Brewer – The Coffee Maker Quiz 


We have a full brewing guide starting at the Brew It Stick, a simple coffee immersion stick designed to make it easy to ditch the instant. We like it strong though, which is where the Twist Press really comes into its own. Take the quiz to discover which one you need to try odiscover our coffee maker collection and choose your brewer now! 

couple enjoying fresh coffee together

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