FAQ - Coffee Sample Pack

What is Single Origin Coffee?

Single Origin Coffee is a term used for coffee that is grown within a distinct geographic region or area. As a result, it often has unique characteristics and specific tastes when compared to blended coffees from multiple regions.

The taste of single origins tends to be bolder and more robust, with an exotic taste. Often favoured for its purity and high quality, single origin coffee delivers a cleaner, more aromatic brew compared to a blend.

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Can I Use Filter Ground Coffee in My Cafetiere?

Yes, filter ground coffee can be used in a cafetiere.

Cafetieres are best brewed with coarse ground coffee, like filter. Getting the correct grind size for your coffee maker will make a difference to the brew overall, making for a cleaner, more flavourful coffee.

A coffee press is most compatible with a coarse grind size in order to prevent overextraction when the coffee is submersed in the hot water.

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What’s the Difference Between Dark Roast and Light Roast Coffee?

As suggested in the name, darker roast are beans that have been roasted for longer, whilst light roasts are more lightly roasted. As a result, light roast beans are paler in colour and generally more acidic in flavour. Lighter roasted beans keep their caffeine content and delicate aroma more than darker roasted beans, due to them retaining the oils during the shorter roasting process.

On the contrary, darker roasted beans are naturally more bitter in taste with bolder, more straight-forward flavours. As a rule of thumb, darker roasted coffee is enjoyed best when paired with milk. The sweetness of the milk counteracts the bitterness of the dark roasted bean, whilst a light roast bean’s more delicate flavours are best not compromised.

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