How to use the Brew It Stick

To make coffee with the Brew It Stick you’ll need hot water, your favourite mug, coffee (we recommend grinding coffee beans fresh but you can buy preground coffee to save time) and your Brew It Stick.

  1. Start by grinding your coffee beans to a medium-coarse consistency, the same as you would use for a cafetiere or filter brewer. If you’ve got preground coffee at home you can skip this step.
  2. Unbox your Brew It Stick coffee infuser and give the components a rinse. Twist the basket off the handle and add your ground coffee. We suggest adding around 17g of ground coffee, or filling the basket two thirds of the way. If you don’t have scales, you can use a coffee scoop spoon to measure out your grounds.
  3. Twist the basket, now containing your ground coffee, back onto the handle.
  4. Fill your favourite mug with hot water. Freshly boiled water will be too hot and burn your coffee. When your kettle has finished boiling, leave it for 1 minute to reach the perfect temperature.
  5. Place your Brew It Stick into the mug of water. Immediately, it will start infusing.
  6. The new Twist Press design features a stainless steel filter and a weighted base so you can walk away and leave your cup of coffee to brew. The recommended brew time is 4 minutes.
  7. If you’d like a stronger coffee, stir and twist the Brew It Stick in the cup. This will help for even extraction as well as creating a stronger cup of coffee.

The Brew It Stick is our entry-level brewer, designed to make it easier to ditch the instant and drink fresh coffee at home. If you prefer a stronger coffee at home, our Twist Press is better suited.