Milk Pitcher Accessories

Add a twist to your milk pitcher with our limited edition accessories, including milk pitcher stickers and a travel bag! We've designed our jugs to help you master the art of milk, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring.

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Discover the Barista Pro Pitcher, and learn to become the Master of Milk with a free Latte Art Course with every purchase.
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Frequently Asked Questions about our Milk Pitcher Accessories

Why should all milk pitchers be the same? Our coffee frothing jugs are designed with flair and style, available in 2 sizes and 3 colours. Each jug has it's own personality, like the Dial In Milk Pitchers unique angled mouth and the Barista Pro Pitchers barista grip handle. But now, we've made it easier than ever to personalise your milk frothing jug with our accessories. The milk pitcher accessories includes a travel bag, limited edition sticker pack and the cleaning solutions we recommend. If you have any questions, take a peak at the FAQs below.

A good milk pitcher is characterised by several essential attributes crucial for mastering the art of steaming and pouring. Firstly, its width should facilitate a "whirlpool" effect during steaming, aiding in the breakdown of larger bubbles and the creation of velvety microfoam. Optimal sizes, typically around 400ml and 600ml, ensure efficient milk steaming without overfilling or leaving the pitcher too empty. High-quality stainless steel construction maintains a consistent temperature during steaming, and optional titanium coating protects against heat for comfort. The spout shape influences latte art possibilities, with wide spouts suitable for beginner-friendly designs and narrower spouts offering precision for intricate patterns. The presence or absence of a handle caters to personal pouring preferences. Ultimately, a good milk pitcher aligns with the barista's comfort, control, and artistic aspirations, contributing to a seamless coffee-making experience.

If you're looking for a milk pitcher that you can travel to competitions with then weight is definitely important. The Barista Pro Pitcher is our recommended jug for professionals, it offers an ultra fine gauge (0.5mm) which means it's lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. The 400ml Barista Pro Pitcher weighs 170g, and the 620ml Barista Pro Pitcher weighs 212g. The Dial In Milk Pitcher is the jug of choice for professional latte artists that like a heavier jug. The 420ml Dial In Pitcher weighs 246g, and the 600ml Dial In Pitcher weighs 310g. All of our milk jugs fit inside the travel bag, so you know you can get to your destination without picking up any scratches.

Yes! We're currently designing our second pack of limited edition milk pitcher stickers. Keep and eye on the website or follow us on Instagram to see when these go live.

We designed our limited edition sticker pack for the release of the Barista Pro Pitcher and sent them out to 101 latte artists across the world. They've used their stickers to personalise their milk pitcher and add a creative twist to their free pour. We've designed these milk pitcher stickers to withstand high temperatures so they are fit to use with your stainless steel milk pitcher, however, we would not recommend putting your sticker-covered jug through the dishwasher.